Spike88 is a consultancy specializing in product innovation 
and design management

Management of creative teams and peripheral resources,suppliers, 3Ddigital and 3Dphysical support/craftsmanship, modelmaking and surfacing, prototyping and special constructions

Spike88 is specializing in the domains of industrial design and R&D:
_product design (domestic and industrial or public objects, environments, interior and exterior design)

_transportation design (expertise in car-body design as well as car interiors, motorcycles and all other motorized or not means of transportation )

_from conception to prototype (limited series or unique objects) to industrialization and production, perceived quality as well as design branding and brand ID (brand identity through product)

_Brand creation/Design portfolio management (design codes for the positioning of the brand)

_Show properties, storytelling and environments
_Design press
_All relative art work (illustrations/paintings sculptures and (scale or full-size) models in a digital or physical form)

_Design process and expertise, design liaison
_Trendsetting and lobbying

_Design Teaching, lecturing and contributions, design workshops and demos, speech, creative process


spike88_is born by a culture of building within context, objectifying a vision on strong aesthetic values